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High quality equipment, high-quality personnel, strict production workshop discipline, standardized production
Cutting bed High quality equipment, high-quality personnel, strict production workshop discipline, standardized production
Production Line Profile

    1 Plan cutting piece of clothes size and number and the cutting of fabric layers is usually 

according to the guests order (subscription contract indicating the size and number of the match
(ASSORTMENT) to plan the filibuster and required cutting bed layer number.
    2 row marker making (MARKER PLANNING)
    Generally speaking, the cloth is cut into the sweater garment factory piece shape, and then combined 

to wear clothing. In order to tailor a large number of garments accurately, special cutting instrument 

is needed.
    Mark device and arrangement. After examining the accuracy of the pattern, the pattern piece shop on 

paper arrangement, resulting in a combination, this combination in a row is called Mark. Mark the
Is the most used material under the principle of arrangement, the direct costs to a minimum, the most 

accurate amount is calculated from the mark. Mark arrangement is a skill, will
A number of technical requirements should be taken into account. For example: wove direction, fabric 

width, fabric properties, size of the combination and preparation Raab length, and so on. Computer aided 

    The frame design is one of the earliest and the most widely used technology for the garment 

    3 spreading and cutting
    Raab, staff by hand or machine will be a layer of a layer of equal length of cloth according to plan 

(I) and (II) the mark length stack is arranged on the cutting bed. Arrangement
Well, will mark on the whole stack above material. Then, in accordance with the mechanic will mark the 

cutting shape of cutting cloth. Cutting good parts according to the sewing department requirements
Classification and banding. For the control of production, each piece will be tied on the label, and 

then sent to the sewing thread into the whole garment production. If a cloth or style
Plain cloth, the required process is the same.
    4 sticky Park
Parts of the film such as the need to stick Park, the general arrangements are placed in place of the 

place where the adhesive. Because this is a special machine, the general use of appropriate heat
And pressure cloth and park together.
    5 car seam
In the process, the pieces of each piece of the piece can sew the whole piece of clothing.. In general, 

the sewing process is carried out in a certain order, by different workers
Different parts of the car seam clothes. But the distribution method is to need to develop the 

production process table (table 2.1.8), and the use of technical management personnel and production 

management arrangements appropriate
The procedure is suitable for the workers, so that the cutting piece can circulate the established 

workers in the shortest time, and sew the whole piece of garment sewn into the vehicle. As for the CD 

and accessories, you can use the manpowerA conveyor belt or an aerial conveyance that is sewn from one vehicle to another for a sewing station.. 

    In the garment factory, the local and the number of the sewing production line is the course
Order of the crown, so the management of the garment factory is perfect or not, the proportion of sewing 

production line is also the largest. Parts of the quality requirements of the higher products, in the 

sewing production line also need to With the iron equipment, the car seam finished part of the process of the semi-finished to iron, and then continue to sew, the reason is part of the position in the car after the completion of the sewing is difficult to ironDifficult or impossible. The arrangement of the sewing production line is also due to different requirements and different needs, which is an important issue in the clothing production management..
    6 ironing
After the clothes, it will be processed by ironing, in order to reach the ideal appearance. The ironing 

after the clothes is particularly beautiful. The main heating is the whole time, steam and
Pressure. Heat and steam soften the material, while the pressure helps to shape the fabric into the 

desired shape.. The amount of steam and pressure needed for different fabrics is different
    The equipment needed for ironing the ironing should also vary from product to product. The most basic is the iron, of course used in industry is different from the general iron family
The steam can be divided into central design and independent type.. Because of the relationship between 

steam, usually need to have a pumping device, the excess steam to go and
Smoke dry clothes, so that it has long maintained a good look. The pumping wet device can be divided 

into central design and independent device. In the pressure, except for the hand, the iron can be used 

for the hand.
    With the pressure, the general production coat will use beautiful and engaging machine to increase the appearance of clothes. Secondly, the whole ironing equipment has the design of the transportation belt pattern, and the semi - AutomaticOf equipment and portrait machine, etc..
    7 packaging
Packaging methods can be divided into paperback (folded) or hanging, depending on different products and 

different customer needs. The paperback or folded in the process, the workers will each
A garment made of folded according to the request of the guests, put into plastic bags. Of course, if 

necessary, listing or other tags should also be processed in this program, and then
Put the package in the carton.. If customers need hanging, clothing will be hanging on the rack, then 

hang on the mouth sealed plastic bags, plastic bags. This process is considered
Accomplish. Mount the freight costs more expensive, its advantage is to maintain the appearance of 

clothes, not to pressure crepe clothes.
    8 storage
A box of a box of clothing or a piece of a garment hanger sent to the warehouse for storage, until the 

packing containers (TEUs) and sent out from the factory so far, the production of industry and trade
Be all done. Paperback garment production and production is often mounted garments of finished goods 

warehouse equipment vary mount garment factory production of finished products warehouse need to install 

the appropriate
The complete equipment for hanging garments, also need to have a lot to promote the internal frame for 

transport purposes.

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